Thanks to our 33-year professional experience, we have reached a turning point where we can even help in product development beyond meeting production-related needs. For us, the aspects of quality, feasibility and value creation shape the work processes, from idea to production of the finished product. We do not think in schemes; we deal with the issues that arise flexibly and effectively, in the spirit of open communication with the partner.

1. Molded plywood components

We produce premium, molded plywood components for the finished product, preferably with surface treatment or with sanding suitable for upholstery.







2. Semi-assembled furniture

E.g. the production of a surface-treated and finished armchair, for which only the final components are remained to be assembled. In case the molded plywood component is packed separately, we also undertake individual branding packaging.





3. Ready-packed branded products

In the case of pre-packed custom branding products, we procure metal parts, screws, fasteners, textiles and fabrics through our reliable partners or, as required, through the client’s network. We make the upholstery with local experts and all the molded furniture elements are produced in-house according to European standards and in an environmentally friendly way, as we have done for the most renowned international furniture brands for the past 33 years.


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