Manufacturing and Technology


01. Preparation

Our company buys raw materials only from market-leading European veneer manufacturers, and since 2020, all purchased wood must be FSC® (C161975) certified.

02. Pressing

With our electric and high-frequency technology and our unique side pressure presses, we are able to produce even the most complex bent elements.

03. CNC

Using 5-axis CNC machines combines human creativity with the precision of robotics technology.

04. Workmanship

The secret to making exceptional furniture is careful finishing by hand and sanding. Our success is based on a skilled workforce, high-quality expectations and regular quality control, which has been acknowledged by customer feedback for all products produced.

05. Surface treatment

Our products are delivered to our customers in natural, lacquered, stained and oiled versions, and we use only water-based surface treatment.


06. Packaging & shipping

Upon individual request, the products are delivered on pallets or individually packed in boxes ready for the requested deadline with the help of our logistics partners.

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